2019 Conference Documents

Below are resources relating to presentations at the 2019 NZCFI conference

BDO Construction Survey Report

The sector as a whole continues to grow, and forecast projects available support the opportunity for further growth. However, there are significant industry-wide challenges, with respondents particularly concerned about staffing, bureaucracy and the rising cost of compliance, as well as the economy… read more


Construction Insolvencies and Their Learnings

A discussion of recent high profile construction company insolvencies and their outcomes, and put into context in regard to BDO 2019 construction survey report… read more


Personal Insolvency – Shaun Adams

Someone who, due to their personal circumstances, is especially susceptible to detriment, particularly when a firm is not acting with appropriate levels of care. Circumstances may include low levels of literacy and numeracy, an inability to use the internet, illness or disability (including mental illness and dementia) and age… read more


Skills, Who We Are – Stephen Waters

As an Industry Training Organisation (ITO) our core role, in partnership with ‘our’ sectors, is to develop the standards of skill and capability required for business functions. These are represented by Unit Standards and Qualifications which provides a consistent means of training and measuring the competencies of employees… read more


Gandhi Nivas, Serving our Families – Ranjna Patel

Gandhi Nivas supports men to change their behavior, reducing the likelihood of further family harm and increasing safety for families. Men are referred to Gandhi Nivas by police and have either been issued with a Police Safety Order, or are involved in police matters related to family harm… read more


Managing the Generational Gap – Eileen Oliver-Free

Empowering the younger generation to add value to your business by giving people the tools and space to be themselves to make their own future and Recognise successes and give permission to fail (making sure to capture the learnings too)… read more

The NZ Economy – Nathan Penny

The economist who coined the term “rockstar economy” says New Zealand’s financial system has lost its “mojo”, blaming global headwinds as well as Government policy uncertainty. Statistics New Zealand revealed that New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP) had grown 0.5 percent in the April-June quarter. It was the first time GDP had reached $300 billion… read more

Consumer Debt Collection in the Fair Trading Act – Dot Benson

Debt from loans and credit contracts is covered by the Credit Contracts and Consumer Finance Act (CCCFA). If your debt is from fines instead of credit, it is not covered by the CCCFA. If you think you have been misled by the debt collector you can report them to the Commerce Commission… read more

Technology driving business change and performance improvement – Beth Williams

Your NZBN links to the information you’re most likely to be asked to share with other businesses and government agencies so they can work with you… read more


Automated Intelligence – Mark Rowley

Artificial intelligence (AI) software mimics the way humans think, allowing the software to learn through experience and perform basic tasks. By processing large amounts of data and recognising patterns, AI can make recommendations or spot issues… read more


 Business Recovery After The Earthquakes – Stuart Smith

It’s essential to get businesses back to ‘business as usual’ as quickly as possible. This is done through immediate and effective economic stimulus… read more


Recent Construction Section Insolvencies and Their Learnings – Andrew Bethell & Iain Shephard

A discussion of recent high profile construction company insolvencies and their outcomes, and put into context in regard to BDO 2019 construction survey report… read more


Privacy Reform – John Edwards

The privacy reform proposals include stronger powers for the Privacy Commissioner, mandatory reporting of privacy breaches, new offenses, and increased fines. In particular, the reforms aim to encourage private and public sector agencies to identify risks and prevent incidents that could cause harm… read more