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An Update on the NZ Economy Post 2022 - 6th April, 2023
  • So the whole world has moved on from 2022 and as we get underway in 2023, questions arise about how we are doing as a country and where to from here
What’s the data telling us? New credit insights from Centrix - 22nd September 2022
  • Join Keith McLaughlin, Managing Director of Centrix, to deep dive into recent insights about the New Zealand economy and understand the impact of inflation, rising interest rates and the CCCFA changes.

    Hear first-hand valuable credit data insights and key metrics explained, using Centrix’s analysis of payment data on over 4 million Kiwi consumers and many New Zealand businesses.

    Find out how consumer and business confidence has been impacted by rising inflation and CCCFA changes and how it’s impacting different sectors of New Zealand’s economy.

Cashflow in the construction industry - 16th August 2022
  • With approximately 25% of the liquidations to date this year being in the construction sector, and supply issues and cost escalations common, it is timely to hear an update on the industry.

    Susan Bevin (Principal) and Sam Cowan (Senior Associate) from Cavell Leitch both specialise in construction disputes.

    They presented on payment claims, retentions and enforcement/dispute resolution options available when needed.

Understanding current trends in the New Zealand economy and credit conditions - 27th June 2022
  • A session where PwC Director Tom Lawson shared a short presentation on the state of the domestic economy and where credit pressures are starting to emerge. Tom also overlayed what PwC Treasury is observing in how New Zealand corporates are managing risks in this environment.

Business Under Pressure - 19th May 2022

Recalibrating your Workforce in tough times: A discussion of restructuring in the employment law context, including the business justification for restructuring, employer obligations, the restructuring process, implementation and challenges to redundancy; and

Insolvency and directors’ duties: A discussion of directors’ duties in the context of challenging trading conditions and the process for commencing liquidation proceedings.

Critical Information for Credit Personnel - 15th March 2022
  • Credit limits
  • Assumed knowledge of insolvency
  • Preferential Payments/Insolvent Transactions
  • PPSR Registrations and pitfalls
  • NZ Insolvency Update and predictions for the year ahead.

Credit staff need all the resources and tools they can get to stay ahead of the changes in this present business environment. We learnt from our guest presenters as they take you through the various topics and give vital information on how to stay ahead of the ‘pack’.

Developing Mental Endurance - 25th February 2022
  • In today’s world, the ability to be more resilient and overcome setbacks is key to survival and progress.

    Developing mental endurance is the positive angle of managing stress and resilience. During this virtual workshop, you will learn some key skills to be more able to cope in today’s pandemic world, overcome setbacks more effectively and have some tools to help as we live with uncertainty. Come away with some stress management tips and be more equipped with coping strategies that will be applicable to work and everyday life situations.

Signs That a Business is Struggling - 28th September, 2022
  • We are pleased to welcome Keaton Pronk and Marisa Brugeyroux, insolvency practitioners from McDonald Vague Limited, who will be presenting a webinar on signs that a business is struggling, look at the different turnaround and insolvency processes businesses in trouble, and discuss how those insolvency processes affect creditors.  The session will also cover recent updates in the insolvency area and what they’re seeing in the market.

Laurie Brenssell FNZCFI Credit Consultant - 14th September, 2021
  • Laurie is a Credit Consultant. He has been working with clients in the credit industry for over 38 years. His expertise involves providing Credit Management training workshops and seminars throughout New Zealand.

Update from the New Zealand Insolvency and Trustee Service - 21st August, 2021
  • This month we are pleased to welcome Jenny Horgan, Principal Advisor, New Zealand Insolvency and Trustee Service speaking at our Auckland luncheon.

    Jenny will be giving a brief introduction to the Insolvency Service, and then an update including current statistics and the impact of Covid-19.

The Disputes Tribunal - 29th June, 2021
  • The Disputes Tribunal faces increasing challenges in its brief, with increasing calls to continue to expand it’s jurisdiction to decrease the time and cost of civil litigation in higher courts.  Within its existing parameters, there is also much that can be done to improve access to justice, and with that in mind, she revisited the policy of better defining “debts” in the DT as a priority in the first weeks of being in the role.  In the credit world, change is also afoot with amendments to the CCCFA in the pipeline.

Small Business Outlook - 19th June, 2021
  • Stuart and Dan will be giving a presentation on the topic of “Small Business Outlook” using data showing the impact of Covid-19 and where Centrix sees this sector trending in the future.

How to Maintain a Good Credit Rating - 11th May, 2021
  • This month we are pleased to welcome Katrina Shanks from Financial Advice New Zealand who will be speaking at our Wellington luncheon on how to maintain a good credit rating and the role of Financial Advice New Zealand.

    Katrina has spent much of her career in financial services. A Chartered Accountant by trade, Katrina started her career in Audit, spent time at Newton Fund Management in London and then joined Westpac Trust. She has owned her own small accountancy business for seven years, after which she was the Financial Controller for the National Party.

Privacy Act changes in the credit context - 16th March, 2021
  • Senior Associate Sophie Carter leads Cavell’s Employment Team. Sophie advises and represents on all aspects of employment law and acts for employers, employees and HR professionals. Sophie can also advise clients on employment matters involving the Human Rights Act, the Privacy Act, and the Health and Safety at Work Act. Sophie’s extensive background includes advising and assisting with restructures, disciplinary processes, wage claims, raising and responding to personal grievances and reviewing and drafting employment agreements and policies. Sophie also regularly attends mediations and negotiates settlements and she also has experience in the Employment Relations Authority.

    Kendal Cosgrove is a Solicitor in Cavell Leitch’s Employment Team and she advises and represents on all aspects of employment law, including disciplinary and performance matters, restructures, personal grievances and the reviewing and drafting of employment agreements and workplace policies.

Inland Revenue Update - Phil Latimer - 20th October, 2020
  • With Inland Revenue being a creditor in all New Zealand businesses, the approach it has taken to debt recovery and collections since the COVID-19 lockdown in early 2020 has been key to assisting many businesses to manage their cash flow in these unpredictable times. Phil Latimer, a Technical Specialist within IRD, will discuss changes Inland Revenue has been making to its approach to debt recovery as it comes to the end of its internal transformation programme, more recent changes to that approach which have had to be implemented as result of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdowns and what approach will be taken to meeting of tax obligations in the future. Please join us for a topical discussion which will have an impact on all New Zealand businesses.

“Contract Fundamentals including use of “e-signatures" - 24th September, 2020
  • Giles will discuss the fundamentals of contracts with particular emphasis on the increased use of electronic signatures.

Part 14 Compromises and Business Debt Hibernation - 20th June, 2020
  • In these uncertain times positive cash flow is proving difficult for many businesses.

    The Covid-19 lock down has had a severe and real impact on the liquidity of otherwise viable businesses.

    Craig Sanson and Marcus McMillan from PwC will be delivering a presentation that provides practical insights into two procedures available to businesses who find themselves with creditors that they are not currently in a position to meet.

PPSA - Are You Getting Things Right? - 16th September, 2019

(1) Exporting to Australia – essential differences between PPSA in Australia and New Zealand that you need to know about.

(2) New rules for identifying your customer (debtor) on the New Zealand PPSR.

(3) Common errors in registrations on the PPSR that may invalidate your security – are you getting it right?

Seizure of Assets under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act - 13th August, 2019

Detective Senior Sergeant Stuart McGowan heads the Southern Asset Recovery Unit with the New Zealand Police.  In that role he is involved in investigating and seizing property that has been acquired through criminal offending.

Come along to the Christchurch Netball Arena, Hagley Park to hear Stu talk about the seizure and recovery process, including how this may impact on interested third parties, including those that may have a security interest in that property.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) why it matters even in the Credit and Finance Industry? - 15th July, 2019

Andy Dharmani, a passionate creator and user of conversational Artificial Intelligence (AI) talks about the importance of understanding, adopting and benefitting from AI across all spheres of businesses and industries. More importantly, its current and future applications in the wider credit and finance industry in the areas of credit decisions, risk management, fraud detection and prevention, compliance, debt management and process automation.

Andy comes from a background of solutions architecture and infrastructure, with qualifications in computer science, and business. After being part of 2degrees from its inception, and then growing a NZ FinTech company internationally as its CEO, In mid 2018 he founded Ako, developing and training AI digital assistants for enterprise. He is also an in-demand speaker and thought leader in New Zealand’s thriving AI community.

A passionate technologist with international experience, he is highly regarded for both his vision and an ability to deliver results. Andy combines his knowledge of technology with natural business acumen to drive results for his clients.

The Bank’s Perspective on Managing Credit - 9th June, 2019

The bank’s perspective on managing credit when the economy is going well (and not so well);

·        Possible red flags for credit professionals to be aware of/signs of a debtor in distress;

·        Topical issues affecting lending in Wellington and NZ generally, such as earthquake and insurance issues;

·        General war stories about credit recovery, or when lending has gone badly;

Voluntary Administrations and Interaction with Creditors and Suppliers - 17th June, 2019
This presentation covered:
  • Effect of VA appointment and the moratorium period on sub-contractors, suppliers and other creditors
  • Administrators continuing to use goods supplied
  • First creditors meeting
  • Watershed meeting and voting
  • Attributes of a VA in a construction context
Craig has over 20 years experience as an insolvency specialist and is  an Executive Director in PwC’s restructuring team.  Craig regularly takes liquidation appointments and has also been appointed as a receiver and an administrator of companies.  
Lara has over 20 years of business experience, working in the construction sector for 4 years prior to joining PwC, where she is currently an Executive Director specialising in restructuring.  Lara has been involved in a number of high profile assignments, including lead roles in the Bridgecorp and Mainzeal receiverships and as a receiver of Ebert Construction.
Commercial loan and security documentation, and its enforcement - 11th June, 2019

Mary Crimp and Jerome Toomey, Partners at Harmans Lawyers, will  be speaking about commercial financial loan and security documentation with a focus on explaining the importance of the relevant documentation, identifying important and necessary clauses, discussing securities (both standard and those less common) and enforcement options/provisions.

Jerome Toomey has practised as a lawyer both here in New Zealand and in the UK.  In addition, he spent 5 years working in the finance industry where he was built a significant knowledge base about financial and other commercial transactions.

Mary Crimp specialises in civil and commercial litigation, insolvency and debt recovery and regularly acts for receivers and liquidators, large corporate and finance clients.  Prior to Harmans, Mary spent almost 3 years working in London, initially in the field of professional conduct complaints and subsequently with the Financial Services Authority as part of the team prosecuting complex insider dealing crimes.

“Contract Fundamentals including use of “e-signatures” - 20th May, 2019

Giles’ principal area of practice is dispute resolution in the above areas. Giles has experience in all forms of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and Court litigation.

Giles serves on the Waikato Bay of Plenty District Law Society Standards Committee, serves on the Board of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls and is a member of the Statutes Revision Committee of the Anglican Waikato Diocese.

Learn how the NZBN is transforming business - 14th May, 2019

Beth Williams and Rachel Munro from the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.  In this session, you’ll learn about the opportunities presented by the NZBN, and how NZBN enabled e-Invoicing will help businesses save time and money. We will discuss the system and process implications and look at what you can do to start using and promoting the NZBN.

Workings of the Insolvency and Trustee Service - 17th April, 2019

Otherwise known as the Official Assignees Office, the Insolvency and Trustee Service are part of the Business, Innovation and Employment government department. They administer all Bankruptcies, No Asset Procedures (NAP), Summary Instalment Orders (SIO), and some Court-appointed liquidations.

Phil Morris was the Deputy Assignee at the Hamilton Insolvency and Trustee Service prior to joining Stace Hammond Solicitors in 2000 where he later became a partner in 2008. He has significant experience and expertise in the workings of the Insolvency and Trustee Service as well as more recently in private practice specalising in the insolvency and commercial law area.

An Update on the NZ Economy - 15th April, 2019

Satish will talk about the factors shaping New Zealand’s economic environment and where they think the economy is heading over the next few years. That will include a look at interest rates, government policy and the housing market.

Satish joined Westpac’s Economics team as a Senior Economist in October 2014. His work focuses on inflation and developments in New Zealand’s labour market. Prior to joining Westpac, he was an adviser at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. Much of his career has focused analysing and forecasting the New Zealand economy, with a particular focus on inflation.

Satish has also spent time as an economic researcher, leading the Reserve Bank’s analysis of the economic effects of the Canterbury earthquakes and its analysis of the global economy during the financial.

Trusts - granting and collecting credit - a legal perspective - 12th March, 2019

Grant Slevin is a barrister at Left Bank Chambers in Addington, Christchurch, specialising in civil litigation.

From 2010 until 2017 Grant was an investigating solicitor for the Official Assignee, also in Christchurch, and prior to that he was a member of the insurance law team at Wynn Williams & Co, where he gained a broad background in civil litigation matters of all kinds.

Grant has a Master of Laws, granted with honours, and is the co-author with Professor Lynne Taylor of “The Law of Insolvency in New Zealand”. He has also recently authored an online service offered to lawyers by Thomson & Reuters, known as the “Insolvency Workflow”. This is essentially a step by step guide to corporate insolvency law, whereas the text book deals also with bankruptcy and personal insolvency law generally.

Construction Contracts Act 2002 - 18th February, 2019

Lara has over 20 years of business experience, working in the construction sector for 4 years prior to joining PwC, where she is currently an Executive Director specialising in restructuring. Following on from her time in the construction industry, Lara has maintained a strong interest in the property sector, where she has been involved in a number of high profile assignments, including lead roles in the Bridgecorp and Mainzeal receiverships and as a receiver of Ebert Construction. Lara also undertakes advisory assignments and assists with firm wide PwC proposals and engagements in the sector.

In respect of the retentions provisions of the Construction Contracts Act 2002 Lara has given a number of presentations and hosted discussion sessions with industry stakeholders on the practical implications of the new rules and was responsible for the preparation of detailed submissions made to MBIE on the legislation. In 2018, Court directions were sought as to the application of the provisions in respect of Ebert Construction and Lara is one of the Court appointed receivers of the associated retentions fund.

Lara’s work at PwC also includes all aspects of corporate restructuring work, including independent appraisals, restructuring advice, performance improvement, monitoring, receiverships, voluntary administrations, and liquidations. Her experience extends over a wide selection of industries in addition to property, including retail, education, transport, horticulture, technology and aviation. She is a Chartered Accountant and a CAANZ Accredited Insolvency Practitioner (NZ).

AI, Digital Humans, Payments and Other Related Technologies - 13th February, 2019

Originally an IBM Systems Programmer on Mainframes in the 1980’s, moved into Software Architecture and Emerging Technologies in the 1990’s and worked on a number of large software projects for The University of Auckland, Vodafone, Vero, Air New Zealand, IAG among others.

When Apple produced the iPhone in 2007, he quit his full-time job and wrote apps for a year before writing enterprise apps for Genesis Energy, IAG Insurance, Vero Insurance, Air New Zealand, Vodafone, and eventually ANZ.

Guarantees in debt collection - 12th February, 2019

Chloe is a Senior Associate in Anthony Harper’s Banking Finance and Insolvency Team, specialising in recovery and insolvency.

Chloe has a particular interest in guarantees, and will lead a discussion about whether guarantees are important in a debt collection context, common issues that arise and how to avoid them.

Demystifying The Personal Properties Security Act - 15th November, 2018

Giles Brant and Emma Falconer of Stace Hammond will present to you a complete understanding of the Personal Properties Security Act (PPSA) in a clear and easy to understand manner which demystifies this unique piece of legislation for companies.

Giles is a litigation lawyer and joined Stace Hammond in 1991 and has been a partner since 1998. He was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1990 and has expertise in all facets of commercial, insurance, banking, finance and property law, as well as court and arbitration practices and procedures, mediation, trusts and estate, employment law and resource management. Giles’ principal area of practice is dispute resolution in the above areas. He has experience in all forms of dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation, arbitration and Court litigation. He serves on the Waikato Bay of Plenty District Law Society Standards Committee, he is on the Board of Waikato Diocesan School for Girls and is a member of the Statutes Revision Committee of the Anglican Waikato Diocese.

Emma is a commercial lawyer and joined Stace Hammond in 2002 and has been a partner since 2010. She was admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand in 1999. Her expertise is in commercial advice including structuring, governance, succession planning, and all operational legal matters. She also has expertise in banking and finance including structuring of loan and security packages and debt recovery as well as the Personal Property Securities Act including protection and recovery of assets. She is a trustee of Charitable Trust Retirement Villa.

The Personal Property Securities Register - 15th October, 2018

Despite the PPSA having been with us since 1999, there is still uncertainty about the rights that secured creditors have when a customer becomes insolvent.  Much depends on the contents of the signed terms of trade or security agreement, and whether the security interest is registered on the PPSR (and when).

Ben Russell of Lane Neave is a dispute resolution specialist with broad experience in commercial litigation and insolvency law.  He regularly advises clients on a range of commercial issues including insolvency, contract, property, trust, insurance and shareholder disputes.

Process Automation in the Finance Industry - 9th October, 2018

Artificial Intelligence has become one of the biggest technology disrupters in recent years. Leading to the creation of the digital workforce, it is estimated by 2025, 140 million jobs worldwide will be replaced by automation. The world of robotic process automation still remains a mystery to many organisations. This presentation will explore automation tools and specially discuss the applicability of this technology within the finance industry.

Automation and its current trends will be explored where we will examine the various features and common platforms available to organisations of all sizes. We then dig deeper to understand why back office processes, in particular finance and performance processes are so popular for process automation. We will then provide an overview of the implementation and automation processes for organisations.

Humans not Robots - 9th October, 2018

Laurie has an extensive background in Credit Management throughout New Zealand

Since 1987 Laurie has established himself as one of New Zealand’s leading seminar presenters and authority on credit, sales and customer service training. Laurie has previously owned and operated his own Debt Collection Company and has a vast knowledge of the collection industry.

Laurie is a Fellow of the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute and has also held numerous positions as an executive of chairperson on a number of credit management industry advisory groups.

Don't mess with the 'Rottweiler' - 19th September, 2018

Dennis Parsons has a reputation as a hard man with a “moral view” of the world. Being interviewed by him apparently makes root canal work at the dentist seem pleasant by comparison.

By all accounts, a few wayward company directors have also wanted to turn up their toes after the man known in fraud-busting circles as “The Rottweiler”, has exposed their misdeeds, mismanagement or mischief.
Dennis, is an Aucklander by birth and probably better known there than in the Waikato where he makes his home and bases his business, Indepth Forensic.

Insolvency and Customer Default Risk in the Building and Construction Industry - 17th September, 2018

A Willis Towers Watson study recently asked executives globally (including many from New Zealand) to rank the greatest threats to their business over the next 10 years.

Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company that helps clients around the world turn risk into a path for growth. With roots dating to 1828, and 1965 in New Zealand, Willis Towers Watson has 40,000 employees serving more than 140 countries. We design and deliver solutions that manage risk, optimize benefits, cultivate talent, and expand the power of capital to protect and strengthen institutions and individuals. Our unique perspective allows us to see the critical intersections between talent, assets and ideas – the dynamic formula that drives business performance. Together, we unlock potential.

Debt Collection in the Public Service - 4th September, 2018

James Atkinson is a Technical Specialist with Inland Revenue.   He has been involved in the debt and credit industry for 30 years and is consulting with other public services regarding the collection of government debt, with particular emphasis on tax debt.   He will be discussing the careful balancing act performed by those collecting tax debts. He will look at the history and framework within which tax debt collectors operate and how and why collecting tax debt is so different from the usual commercial debt collection activities.

Technology in Credit Management - 20th August, 2018

CreditWorks Data Solutions have advanced Credit Management systems which provide many great features to help credit professionals do their job – from opening accounts to managing and monitoring accounts – without all the manual involvement previously required. This can result in considerable cost reductions.

Credit and Collection Seminar - 15th of June, 2018
Laurie Brenssell has an extensive background in Credit Management throughout New Zealand. Since 1987 Laurie has established himself as one of New Zealand’s leading seminar presenters and authority on credit, sales and customer service training.

Laurie is a Fellow of the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute and has held numerous positions as an executive or chairperson on a number of credit management industry groups. Cancellations received within 3 working days of the training course will result in no refund, however, you may choose someone to attend in your place.

Directors Duties and Phoenix Companies - 12th of July, 2018
This presentation is a great opportunity for insolvency practitioners, solicitors, accountants and anyone working professionally in the credit arena to learn about:

  • What duties are company directors subject to;
  • What are the potential consequences of breaching those duties if a company subsequently goes into a formal insolvency proceeding;
  • What a phoenix company is; and
  • What options are available to insolvency practitioners in the event a phoenix company is set up.
Banned Directors – Prohibition Orders Following Mismanagement and Conviction - 9th of July, 2018
Esther Kim and Jade Young comprise the Director Prohibitions team within the Integrity & Enforcement unit at the Companies Office. Esther and Jade have extensive experience with both Companies Act 1993 and Insolvency Act 2006 legislation. Prior to working at the Companies Office, Esther worked at the Insolvency & Trustee Service administering bankruptcies and liquidations on behalf of the Official Assignee. Jade worked as a solicitor focusing on civil and commercial litigation, including insolvency and contract matters. As such, they can offer authentic experiences and perspectives of the banning process from the perspective of the Registrar of Companies and insolvency practitioners alike.
PPSR seminar - Leon Bowker & Aaron Harlowe - 28th of May, 2018
A blunder in your terms and conditions or in registering your security interest could prove very costly if you haven’t done it right.  This workshop will give you both a legal and insolvency view on how to best protect yourself or your company in what is a very important but quite technical area.
Do you have problems collecting your company’s debts? - 24th of May, 2018
Come along and learn some secrets on how to make it easier and still retain Customer Goodwill.

Laurie Brenssell has an extensive background in Credit Management throughout New Zealand. Since 1987 Laurie has established himself as one of the New Zealand’s leading seminar presenters and authority on credit, sales and customer service training.  Laurie is a Fellow of the New Zealand Credit & Finance Institute and has held numerous positions as an executive or chairperson on a number of credit management industry groups.

“Insolvent Transactions" Update - Lessons from the Recent Supreme Court Case - 21st of May, 2018
Bret Gustafson, counsel for successful liquidator David Petterson, will discuss the Supreme Court’s decision. The case will be of specific interest for directors, insolvency practitioners, and creditors alike because it confirms the test for when a contingent creditor’s claim is a “due debt”.
Joanne Harrison, Ministry of Transport Fraud Investigation - 8th of May, 2018
Lorinda Kelly is a Deloitte Forensic Director. She will provide her insights, following her investigation into the well-publicised Joanne Harrison, Ministry of Transport fraud investigation. Joanne Harrison has been convicted of stealing more than $700,000 between November 2012 and March 2016.